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YOUBORA Suite helps OTTs, broadcasters, telcos and media services support smart decision making and actionability across the entire platform to build personalized and engaging experiences to maximize revenue. Proactively manage users, build an appealing content offering and optimize its discovery, increase advertising efficiency and overcome operational and technical issues: A 360º approach for an efficient video service management allows content providers to drive quality, users, ads, content and infrastructure. With session monitoring, content providers are able to correlate and action insights across the entire video platform, and benefit from a contextualized intelligent alert system, the ability to predict behaviours, test decisions, automate campaigns, track progress and generate reports.

Analytics Real-time understanding of your platform performance for any internet-connected device

Gain accurate, full, objective visibility of the health of your media service performance and better understand your audience to help you retain users whilst optimizing costs. Make troubleshooting and customer service more efficient therefore spend less time fixing urgent problems, and identify unknown areas for improvement. It will allow you to allocate resources to more important projects and assure a premium QoE. Users shouldn’t leave your media service because of quality issues or unsatisfactory customer service experiences.

Infrastructure CDN switching tool to ensure high QoE for your end-user’s ISP, according to your business rules.

No other solution in the market lets you define the business rules on your own terms to implement your optimal CDN. INFRASTRUCTURE by NPAW benchmarks live all major CDNs in the market based on your pre-defined business goals to recommend you in real time which ones to use and when.
Business rules can be dictated according to parameters such as: overflow, billing plans and pre-established limitations.

INFRASTRUCTURE is user friendly allowing you to run it witout the need of an engineering team. Gain independence and optimize your infrastructure’s cost and validate your SLAs with partnerts via actual data.

Ads Gain objective, third-party ad efficiency measurement for full transparency.

The uncertainty of ad performance can be misleading and sometimes even turn into blind strategies and unjustified costs. ADS is an impartial tool for AVOD services to optimize their ad strategy with control of its impact on their audience and the efficacy of their monetization strategy. Understand your users tolerance to ads. ADS allows you to find the right balance between the number of ads displayed and your audience tolerance with full transparency and control of your users' data in real time. Ensure a sustainable business model over time.

Users Understand and analyze your audience in-depth, and predict users’ journey and critical touchpoints

USERS goal is to get you as close as possible to your user base to better understand their behavior and preferences. See what, where and how the interact with your service. The wide set of metrics provided by USERS give you the ability to correlate behavioral, consumption patterns and much more, from the moment your users login until they logout.
Through all the possible correlations available, gain unprecedented knowledge on what facets of your service affect your users behavior. In addition, as a must have, USERS predicts the likelyhood of your users churning and also gives you the means to countert it by allowing to segment your user base to better work on threatened users.

Answer questions like:

  • · Am I meeting my business goals?
    ANALYTICS comes packed with the OVERVIEW DASHBOARD that gives you a clear vantage point of your service’ performance. In it, you can set your business goals and track them over time easily.
  • · Have I grown my user base?
    USERS allows you to see the current balance of your user base, taking into account new, reactivated and churned users.
  • · What Issues are affecting my QoE?
    With INFRASTRUCTURE look at where the issues occur and how much of your plays they are affecting. By monitoring, take proactive action and ensure a seamless experience to the end-user.
  • · Where should I place my ads?
    ADS will display the ad performance of your campaigns based on their position and correlation to drop offs. This visibility lets you make the right ad placement for optimal engagement.
  • · Which CDN is the best for now?
    Look at your CDNs in detail with seconds granularity and select, based on their real performance, the most adequate one.
  • · How does my user journey look like?
    Thanks to full session monitoring, get a clear look at how users interact with your service and empower all departments of your service to identify areas of growth, improvement and troubleshooting.

Full Session Monitoring

Correlated insights throughout your entire service

YOUBORA Suite products’ features spread throughout your entire service to collect session events and determine what the session of each user looks like. This unique approach not only adds more visbility and a bigger scope from where to grab data from but most importantly it adds context to your data, making any data-driven decision more accurate.

Identify your user journey

Cross functional features


Unique visibility to help you optimize your service

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Optimal CDN Switching tool to guarantee the best QoE

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Unbiased visbility and transparency on your ad performance

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The ultimate magnifier for your user base

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  • Data Visualizationkeyboard_arrow_down
    Build your own, customized dashboards to meet your specific needs and preferences. Unlimited multidimensional filters to gain an in-depth understanding of your platform performance. 1:1 view tracking.
  • AI & Predictionkeyboard_arrow_down
    Advanced machine learning algorithms backed by our outstanding video industry expertise and data scientists teams.
  • Alertingkeyboard_arrow_down
    Automated alerting system to detect service issues and pinpoint root causes for quick and easy problem detection and determination.
  • Reportingkeyboard_arrow_down
    Precisely segmented data extraction.
  • Planning & Strategykeyboard_arrow_down
    YOUBORA Suite products are built with business in mind. Use overview dashboards to track your goals based on data and plan your strategy accordingly.

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