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See more than just the surface to boost conversion and retention

Understand and analyze your audience in-depth, and predict users’ journey and critical touchpoints

USERS goal is to get you as close as possible to your user base to better understand their behavior and preferences. See what, where and how the interact with your service. The wide set of metrics provided by USERS give you the ability to correlate behavioral, consumption patterns and much more, from the moment your users login until they logout.
Through all the possible correlations available, gain unprecedented knowledge on what facets of your service affect your users behavior. In addition, as a must have, USERS predicts the likelyhood of your users churning and also gives you the means to countert it by allowing to segment your user base to better work on threatened users.


Increase User Base

By looking at your entire user base and their profiles, determine what really makes your service so great and amplify it to get more customers coming in.

User Retention & Engagement

Through to full session visibility, understand what your users want to see when they log into your service and adjust the experience to their preferences.

Reduce Churn

Churn prediction will keep you aware of the current health of your service. Take actions and reduce it.

In-Depth User Knowledge

Zoom into your user base with one-on-one user profile and understand the individual’s current user state.


Segment parts of your user base to run tests and engage them in a more personal manner.

Proactively Manage Users

Manage your user base in clusters such as endangered or reactivated users and drive them towards more tailored experiences.

Answer questions like:

  • · How many users do I have with a high risk of churn?
    As a user-base magnifier, USERS not only predicts churn but it also lets you zoom into the amount of users that are likely to churn and classify them according to the existing risk. By knowing which of those users are endangered take actions to improve their experience and make them stay.
  • · Are my users sharing their accounts?
    With global overlapping understand how your users use your service with others. Knowing the number of account overlaps allows you to identify fraud or see if it's worth revamping your service plans to add sharing accounts.
  • · Have I grown my user base?
    See the current balance of your user base, taking into account new, reactivated and churned users. This indicator represents the health of your service making sure you are always on top of things.
  • · How does my users’ journey within my platform look like?
    Thanks to full session monitoring, get a clear look at how users interact with your service and identify areas of growth and improvement of your service´s UI to make the user experience even better.
  • · How many titles do my users watch per week?
    USERS allows you to really understand the way your users behave and consume. Just select your time period of interest and USERS will display its consumption levels.

1:1 Full session visibility

Thanks to unique session monitoring, USERS allows you to conduct an in depth analysis in and out of the playback that can even be narrowed down to one user. A full session analysis awards you with the possibility of drawing out contextualized user journeys to better understand their behavior and consumption patterns. This unique capability will give you the opportunity to redefine your relationship with your users and drive their engagement to build long lasting relationships with them.

User base evolution and churn levels

USERS' capabilities are also business oriented towards service growth. It keeps and eye on your user base and grants you unparalleled visibility on how your customer base evolves over time and what threatens it by highlighting which users threaten to churn. USERS will help you put a remedy to churn by allowing you to predict when this phenomenon may happen. With this valuable information, take action on specific facets of your service to retain your audience and bulk up your service against churn.

Dynamic segmentation and sampling

Advanced multi-filtering allows you to go one step further in getting to know your users and adjust your service to their needs in order to build a sticky product. By segmenting and creating samples you will be able to identify patterns of how your users respond to implemented changes and much more. Knowing what they like or dislike is crucial to the longevity of your service. USERS makes it possible for you to track sample evolution over time through dynamic sampling to visualize the impact of your actions.


USERS is powered by a solid and lightning fast technology that only collects 8 events to generate all of USERS inisghts. Integrating with USERS will not interefere with your own service infrastructure as our open API is light and will only listen to your events. NPAW software is used to loads of data coming its way, with 7.6M events recorded per minute, USERS can ingest any amount of data you throw at it.

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