Optimal CDN Switching tool
to guarantee the best QoE

Ensure premium quality at all times

CDN switching tool to ensure high QoE for your end-user’s ISP, according to your business rules.

No other solution in the market lets you define the business rules on your own terms to implement your optimal CDN. INFRASTRUCTURE by NPAW benchmarks live all major CDNs in the market based on your pre-defined business goals to recommend you in real time which ones to use and when.
Business rules can be dictated according to parameters such as: overflow, billing plans and pre-established limitations.

INFRASTRUCTURE is user friendly allowing you to run it witout the need of an engineering team. Gain independence and optimize your infrastructure’s cost and validate your SLAs with partnerts via actual data.


Improve QoE

By fully controlling the delivery process with maximum flexibility you are guaranteed to deliver at a premium QoE standard.

Speed Up Architecture Optimization

Speed up architecture optimization and improvements thanks to the use of historical data and a clear understanding of traffic volume patterns.

Real-Time CDN Switching

Multi CDN and real-time in-stream switching gives you more flexibility and avoid saturations.

Follows Your Business Rules

We benchmark all CDNs in the market to recommend which one of your CDNs performs best depending on the traffic load and your business rules.

Answer questions like:

  • · Are my CDNs performing as well as they should?
    Zoom into the performance of each of your CDN providers to see if they are performing as expected. This tool will allow you to see which CDN provider is more responsive to the needs of your business.
  • · How do I know what is the best CDN at all times?
    Look at your CDNs in detail with seconds granularity and select, based on their real performance, the most adequate one.
  • · Can my infrastructure run by itself?
    Set up your CDN balancing preferences by creating a scenario based on rules, so that your service’ infrastructure can run smoothly without the need of your immediate attention.
  • · Can I change CDNs when mine overflow with traffic?
    INFRASTRUCTURE let’s you configure your CDN traffic also based on overflow. Avoid overloading CDN’s and balance them with pre-configurations.

Preventive troubleshooting that follows your business rules

INFRASTRUCTURE is smart, it will detect when your service’s systems are not performing as well as they should and point you towards the right direction to fix the issue while respecting your business rules and goals. Segment your traffic by driving your users towards several CDNs at the same time to make sure you have a well balanced traffic, to flow content as smoothly as possible and guarantee an optimum QoE.


INFRASTRUCTURE is powered by a solid and lightning fast technology that only collects 8 events to generate all of INFRASTRUCTURE's inisghts. Integrating with it will not interefere with your own service infrastructure as our open API is light and will only listen to your events. NPAW software is used to loads of data coming its way with 7.6M events recorded per minute, INFRASTRUCTURE can ingest any amount of data you throw at it.

Made for the future of online media

INFRASTRUCTURE tackles the needs of the technical pipeline of your service. Online video will represent 80% of the internet’s content by 2020, making CDNs more crowded every day. CDN switching/balancing is the way to go to make the best of the delivery infrastructure.

CDN switching based on business rules

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