Unbiased visibility and transparency on your ad strategy

Ensure ad income without it impacting your users

Gain objective, third-party ad efficiency measurement for full transparency.

The uncertainty of ad performance can be misleading and sometimes even turn into blind strategies and unjustified costs. ADS is an impartial tool for AVOD services to optimize their ad strategy with control of its impact on their audience and the efficacy of their monetization strategy. Understand your users tolerance to ads.

ADS allows you to find the right balance between the number of ads displayed and your audience tolerance with full transparency and control of your users' data in real time. Ensure a sustainable business model over time.


Improve Ad Efficiency

Make sure your ads don’t cause drop-offs, and see what ads are working and which ones distance your viewers.

Retain Your Audience

Find the right balance between the number of ads displayed and your audience’ tolerance.

Eliminate Ad Performance Uncertainty

Ad performance uncertainty can turn into blind strategies and unjustified costs. To counter this, ADS will give you the right ad count, so you can report with full confidence


As a third-party we have no business interest beyond providing you with accurate and reliable BI.

Optimize Ads Positioning

Maybe shoving an ad at the beginning of your content throws off your viewers… ADS will point you towards the best ad placement.

Answer questions like:

  • · Which advertising campaigns are the most successful?
    Compare how your viewers interact with each advertising strategy in a clear funnel that leads up to the initiation of the play to see what works best.
  • · How many ads does my audience tolerate?
    Gain visibility on the optimal number of ads to display during a view by correlating the number of ads displayed and their individual performance to viewer playtime.
  • · Where should I place my ads?
    Zoom into your ad placement and compare performances to determine where to best place an ad to maximize engagement.
  • · Am I losing viewers because of my ads?
    Through our ads diagram understand how your users interact with your ads to determine whether ads are throwing off part of your viewers.

Unbiased ad measurement

As unbiased and fully transparent product, ADS gives you real-time, objective measurement of top performing ad position, length, quantity and quality to increase conversion rate. Knowing this will allow to ensure users have an equal experience with ads and content. Thanks to feedback from major AVODs, we have developed a complete and solid product that shines a light over the most important metrics top management wants to see, for example: Ad requested, Ad served, Ad Stopped, Ads Viewed, Ads Not Viewed, Ad Skips (#), Ad Clicks (#) and many more.

Ad performance analysis

Unlimited multidimensional filters in real-time grants you the possibility to adjust your ad strategy to different segments, devices, territories and genders.
ADS goes further in the analysis scope by providing your with visibility over ad performance by geography , network (ISP, Connection type, CDN ...), content type, renditions (1080, 4k...), errors (error code, error name, error description) and more if you demand custom dimensions. You now have the means to look at your ad campaigns from every possible angle.


ADS is powered by a solid and lightning fast technology that only collects 8 events to generate all of ADS inisghts. Integrating with ADS will not interefere with your own service infrastructure as our open API is light and will only listen to your events. NPAW software is used to loads of data coming its way with 7.6M events recorded per minute, ADS can ingest any amount of data you throw at it.

Tailored for media

NPAW’s everlasting focus is online media. Unlike other players in the market we originated from the video landscape, our solutions are therefore designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the online media industry.

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